New pump in old casing - the ultimate recycling!

You can save 50% on replacement pumps AND save the planet!

You’ll also get a 12 month warranty on all overhauled pumps.

Our quality workmanship comes from highly skilled technicians, working in a fantastic modern workshop facility with a huge resource of technical information.
We overhaul all brands of vacuum and blowing equipment. The first step is an assessment. “We will give our customers an unbiased assessment of whether or not their equipment is worth overhauling.” says manager Julius Coffey.

Over 220 blowers and vacuum pumps are refurbished by mbar each year. We have a range of hire pumps to keep customers operating while equipment is off-site being refurbished. We also offer dynamic balancing as standard to lengthen the life of rotating equipment and to provide valuable energy savings.

You’ll get improved reliability from a pump overhaul and it LOOKS like new at only 50% of the cost of new.
With a test facility for up to 45KW you can rest assured you’re getting the strictest quality assurance there is, we can test your pumps performance before and after your overhaul.

Ash Air also offer on-site testing and servicing and accessories to reduce premature equipment failure and safeguard food products from contamination.


If it rotates it needs to be balanced!
mbar has a digital Dynamic Precibalance balancing
machine, 1800mm between journals, can acept items up to 200 kgs in weight.
All rotating items can be balanced to ISO standard 1940, grades G1, G2.5, G6.3 as requested by customer.