Pumps to hire, secondhand pumps and new pumps

New — all brands can be sourced. Advice given is unbiased as we are not affiliated to any one brand. We will supply the best pump for each situation once we understand the process it will be used in. We will ask questions! This results in your peace of mind as you will make fully informed, best practice decisions.

DVP vacuum pumps

DVP vacuum pumps and compressors

Full range of pumps and accessories held in stock. We have models from 0.12kW 43m3/h to 25.8kW 1095m3/h

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Travaini vacuum pumps

Travaini vacuum pumps and compressors

Full range of pumps and accessories held in stock. We have models from 55m3/h to 835m3/h. Goes up to 2000m3/hr.

The smaller sizes of these pumps are great replacements for the Skellerup WR series and WRC series. Please contact mbar for milking machine pump brochure.

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HH side channel blowers

HH side channel blowers and exhausters

Single phase and three phase from 0.33kW to 25kW.
Pressures up to +70kPa – flow of 1000m3/h
Vacuum to -45kPa – 1050m3/h

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Lutos blower

Lutos Positive Displacement blowers & Exhausters

Blowers flow up to 6369m3/h and pressure of 100kPa
Exhausters flow up to 6369m3/h and vacuums of -50kPa
The package units are fully equipped with Digital control panels, see brochure attached.

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Packaged pump sets

Packed systems

DVP XC 405, 605 & 905 are excellent priced vacuum pump set options for general vacuum duties: I.e vacuum packaging.
There is also hospital systems available.

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Masport Super

Masport Master or Super

Flow 1365 l/min -50kPa, 3.7kW Super Flow 2000 l/min -50kPa, 5.5 kW

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3,000 l/min -50kPa 11kW

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Allflex VP170

Allflex 170

2,000 l/min – 50kPa

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Allflex 240

Allflex 240

3,000l/min -50kPa

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Robuschi RVS16

Robuschi RVS16

1,570l/min -50kPa 5.5kW


Robuschi RMV21

380m3/hr, ultimate vacuum 33mb. 11kW.
Suitable for milking sheds, cheese conveying, vacuum conveying, timber treatment plants.



2000l/m -50kPa, 7.5kW.
Suitable for dairy shed

Busch 630

Busch 630

Busch 630 m3/h vacuum pump complete with 15 kW motor. Rated for long run 1 mbar to 400 mbar continuously.

CLFH 501

Rietschle CLFH 501

CLFH 501 500 m3/h vacuum pump, complete with 11 kW motor. Rated 0.5 to 200 mbar continuously.

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